Our site sits at the junction of Old Hall Street and Leeds Street, looking north west across the Mersey and over Liverpool Bay.

In the 18th century it faced the Leeds – Liverpool canal, which extended all the way into Old Hall Street, and was a coal yard fuelling the barges before the canal was filled in. Merchants’ town houses were then built on the site.

All vestiges of that era are now lost and so we fast-forward to the 1970s, when the site became part of home shopping giant Littlewoods’ office estate.

That work has now moved to the company’s HQ in Speke and, despite our best efforts, no new office users can be found to occupy the space.  Hence our proposals that you see on this web site.

As Liverpool’s economy and society continues to evolve, the site enters its next chapter as a high-quality statement of the city’s progress, helping meet the residential demands of its ever-growing population.

We want to hear your views, so please find a few minutes to assess our consultation materials and let us have your opinions.